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Homefront developer investigating reports of game freezing

It's pretty annoying when you're playing a game and all of the sudden it just freezes up, forcing you to perform a hard reset of your console. That's what numerous players havebeen saying aboutboth the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the new high-profile shooter Homefront. On the game'sofficial forums, frustrated players recounted experiences of complete system crashes when exiting game lobbies as well as in the middle of gameplay.

Developer Kaos Studios is looking into the issue. Community manager Jeremy Greiner responded to complaints, saying, "I'm looking into the reports of PS3 freezing issues and will provide an update once I've spoken with all the teams. Will need a bit of time, but in the interim - thanks a lot for your patience."

Users notedthat the freezing problem isnot exclusive to the PS3, as Xbox 360 players alsocited instances ofthe game crashing shortly after it booted up. Greiner expanded his comments to encompass all players, adding, "We're looking into the issue that is happening to a few users, once I have an update it will be posted here. Thanks for your patience."

He also asked for players who have been affected to help in the troubleshooting process. "If you could please post the exact step by step process of how it occurred, that would be appreciated," he said.

Have you experienced any problems with Homefront freezing on the PS3 or Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments below.


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Mar 17, 2011