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Quick! Grab the amazing Total War: Warhammer for $12 (update: deal over)

***UPDATE 1:00pm EST / 1800 GMT: Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, this deal has expired. Don't be too sad though, you can always check out what Humble Bundle is offering via its subscription program this month (spoiler: it's The Witness)***

First off: No, we don't usually cover PC-only games, but our sister site PC Gamer gave us a heads-up on this deal and it was so good we couldn't not share it. Second: Holy crap, Total War: Warhammer is $12 via Humble Bundle! Twelve dollars!

That's like… two Big Mac meals! That's less than a copy of Best Picture-winning movie La La Lan-- I mean, Moonlight! Plus, you'll also get several other, mystery games included with your purchase.

If you want to take advantage of the deal, head over to the Humble Bundle site and sign up for the Humble Monthly subscription service. I know, I just said the s-word, but you're not locked in. Sign up for a month, get Warhammer and its bonus games, then drop it if you want. Or keep it, get a new selection of games every month, plus 10% off all Humble Store purchases. It's up to you.

Just make sure to hurry, because this month's deal is only good through March 2.

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