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Here are some the best Aussie deals from the eBay Plus Weekend sale

New Pokemon Snap
(Image credit: Nintendo)

eBay Plus Weekend has ended for 2021, but if you're looking for more deals, we're rounding up the best eBay EOFY sales on our sister site TechRadar.

Australia’s end of financial year sales are meant to kick off in June, but eBay doesn’t care: it’s just launched a huge sales event in the form of its eBay Plus Weekend sale. Think of it as Amazon Prime Day, except eBay, and instead of a day (or several) it’s a whole week running today through to June 2. Speaking of Amazon's upcoming sale, we'll be highlighting a bunch of the hottest offers such as the best Prime Day PS5 deals, Prime Day TV deals and Prime Day laptop deals.

One particular highlight is New Pokemon Snap for AU$45: that’s a damn good price for a first-party Nintendo game that’s less than a month old.That went live on Saturday, and it's still available: you can snap (heh) it up now.

We’ve listed a handful of gaming-related deals below, but there's also some other stuff you may be interested in. As the name of the event implies, you’ll need to be an eBay Plus subscriber, but if you don’t want to fork out, never fear: 30-day free trials are available. If you want to stick around, it costs AU$4.99 a month, or AU$49 for the year. Just remember to cancel your subscription if you don’t want it to renew after 30 days.

In addition to the highlights below—which we'll continue to update over the next few days—eBay is offering 20 percent off a huge array of goods on its storefront, to the tune of “millions of deals across fashion, tech, homewares and more”.

Samsung 75-inch Q60A QLED TV | AU$1,887 (usually AU$2,495)
A nice AU$608 off the Q60A, which is the entry level QLED from Samsung’s 2021 range. It's got what you'll be looking for in a tele: 4K resolution and HDR support, as well as HDR10+. It's entry level nature comes from its edge-lit nature, but it's a solid unit all the same. You'll need the code PLUSCC1 at checkout to get this discount.View Deal

FIFA 21 on PS4 or Xbox One | AU$15 (usually AU$49.95)
This year's annual soccer game is getting a bit long in the tooth, so discounts are to be expected. This is an exceptionally good discount, though, and it beats the competition fairly easily. It's available for PS4 and Xbox One and you'll need the code PLUSFIFA at checkout.View Deal

New Pokémon Snap (Nintendo Switch) | AU$45 (usually AU$74.94)
Below AU$50 for a first-party Nintendo game mere weeks after launch is a rarity indeed, so if you've any interest in this new take on the Nintendo 64 classic, now seems like the best time to snap. You'll need to use the code PLUSPOKE at checkout for this price.View Deal

Polk Audio T-series 5.1 home theatre package | AU$1167.20 (usually AU$1,899)
A significant AU$731.80 off this incredibly serious home theatre set-up, which will make games and film alike simply boom. It comes with two T50 tower speakers, two T15 bookshelf speakers for the back of the room, and a subwoofer for those aforementioned booms. To get it at this price, you'll need to use the code PLUSTI20 at checkout.View Deal

Sony BDP-S6700 4K Blu-Ray player | AU$172 (usually AU$299)  
If you're not rocking a console with a 4K Blu-Ray player, then this may appeal: our friends over at Techradar gave it a perfect review back when it released. You'll need to use the coupon code PLUSTI20 to make the most of this deal.View Deal

LG OLED55BX 55-inch OLED TV | AU$1,895 (usually AU$2,795)
Here's a nice AU$900 off LG's 2020 model OLED. This 55-inch model is pretty easy to find discounted, since it's last year's model, but this is the cheapest we've seen it so far. It's a very good tele, with our sibling site TechRadar giving it a 4.5 star review. You'll need to use the code PLUSCC1 at checkout to score this deal.View Deal

Yamaha YAS 109 soundbar | AU$276.80 (usually AU$399) (save AU$122.20)
Save AU$122.20 on this decent soundbar, which is usually on the budget side of things: now it's on the even budgeter side of things. Does that make sense? It means it's cheap. You'll need to use the code PLUSTI20 to get this price.View Deal

Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar + subwoofer | AU$420.80 (usually AU$649)
A nice AU$228 off this soundbar, which comes with a wireless subwoofer. It's on the higher end compared to the model listed above - hence the price - and it'll definitely pump out a sound suitable for both gaming and movies. You'll need to use the code PLUSTI20 to enjoy this discount.View Deal

Alienware 25 AW2621HFL gaming monitor | AU$348 (usually AU$699)
If you've got an Xbox Series X or PS5 and want to make sure you can take advantage of those (albeit rare) 120fps games, then how about a lot of headroom? This 240Hz 24-inch 1080p gaming monitor is currently going for well below the usual price. Use the code PNVDG20 at checkout.View Deal

Alienware 27 AW2720HF gaming monitor | AU$479 (usually AU$899)
As above, if you love your refresh rates exorbitantly high (at least, in the realm of console gaming) then this model will deliver framerates of 120 easily, with grunt to spare. This model is a 27 incher, and is currently close to half price off.View Deal

Razer Basilisk Ultimate gaming mouse | AU$159.20 (usually AU$199)
With the discount code PLUSTI20 you can cop just over AU$40 off this wireless gaming mouse, which comes with a charging dock. That's a great discount on a mouse that rarely trebles below the AU$200 mark, and it's a good choice if you're after something with incredible 20,000 DPI sensitivity that you can't get tangled up in.View Deal

New Alienware M15 R5 gaming laptop | R7 5800H | RTX 3060 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | AU$2,239.19 (usually AU$2,799)
If you want to get into PC gaming, you couldn't go astray with the beast of a gaming laptop: those specs will run pretty much anything you can throw at it at the moment, and its 1080p display has a 165Hz refresh rate, all the better for all the frames. You'll need the coupon code PNVDG20 for this discount.
View Deal