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Here are 4 things Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's devs want you to notice in the gameplay reveal

Sony and Naughty Dog have published almost ten minutes of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay, giving the world a chance to see what the studio debuted on the showfloor at E3 last week. We've already had a few cinematic trailers setting up the unlikely duo of Chloe and Nadine, but this is our first look at the whole game in action.

Yes, it does look a lot like Uncharted 4 - which makes sense since The Lost Legacy started off as a DLC expansion. But there are some tweaks and improvements to the formula, too, which Naughty Dog called out in its Twitch gameplay reveal event.

This is Chloe and Nadine "working well" together

Nate and Sam have their ups and downs, but they're always brothers. Chloe and Nadine are working together out of necessity alone, and that will shine through outside of cutscenes - like when Nadine shrugs off the usual "you take that one, I'll take this one" approach to offing guards. Expect their professional relationship to go from strained to downright hostile.

Explore even wider environments

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy takes place entirely in India, and it specifically spends a lot of time in the lush and biologically diverse Western Ghats. Naughty Dog says you'll have even more room to roam here than you did in Uncharted 4's most open moments.

More things will break

Nathan Drake has a reputation for stuff falling apart when he so much as looks at it, but Chloe is gunning hard for the title. Expect more environmental destruction than in any Uncharted game before.

Asav wants to go back to the old times, and you're in his way

Your nemesis Asav isn't just another greedy, power-hungry treasure hunter. He wants to restore the ancient civilization at the heart of The Lost Legacy back to the days before things like "mercy" were customary. Don't expect him to show you any.

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