Uncharted: The Lost Legacy looks very Tomb Raider-y, with attacking statues and large-scale death traps

The original Uncharted was heavily inspired by Tomb Raider, and was full of large-scale puzzles and booby traps. The further the series went along, the more it shifted to a focus on action setpieces and dramatic storytelling. But judging by what we saw of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at E3 2017, it looks like the series is going back to its tomb raiding roots.

Notice all the golden puzzle pieces and the statues seemingly coming to life (though I think they're not actually fully autonomous). There's still the character drama fans have come to love from Uncharted, and plenty of big pieces of scenery falling apart, but it also looks like Chloe and Nadine will be digging deep into some ancient ruins and uncovering some big-time mysteries.

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Sam Prell

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