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Henry Cavill and Amy Adams on their favorite Man Of Steel moments

Total Film braved the rain to hit a soggy blue carpet yesterday evening, to talk to the creative team behind Man Of Steel .

After we got over the awe of seeing a MASSIVE Superman shield looming above us, we chatted to the film's two stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams about their favorite moments from the movie.

Adams looked amazing, and despite the rain, seemed in high spirits.

Discussing her favourite moment in the movie, Adams said: "There's so many, but I really loved shooting the interrogation scene with Henry, it's the first time you get to see Lois and Clark interact outside of a stressful situation."

Cavill was a little more on the fence. Well, not so much on the fence as smashing through the fence, and into a building, which then exploded. "I'm not too sure if have a particular favorite moment. [ I like ] the third act in general, there's something about it which really grips me, and something that I enjoy watching every time."

In the third act, the final confrontation with Zod is such an intense scene, how was that to shoot? "It was quite painful, because you do feel what the character feels, so it was a very painful moment."

Cavill spent an incredibly long time with the fans, he seemed to sign every autograph book in Leicester Square. He was definitely enjoying his moment in the sun. Well, rain.

Scroll down for some more samples from our live Twitter coverage of the event. Man Of Steel is in cinemas tomorrow.