Hellboy unearthed

Konami will be bringing comic-book Hellboy to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP next year and has released the first few shots of the brand new game.

Hellboy is a demon summoned by the Nazis but then captured by the US military and raised by their Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Since then, he has become the world's greatest paranormal investigator, protecting mankind from the dangers of the underworld.

His unique powers include huge physical strength and agility, as well as being in possession of the Right Hand of Doom - a huge fist seemingly made of stone. Clickthe images belowto see a few early screenshots of just how powerful Hellboy looks.

Konami's game sees Hellboy attempting to undermine a plot for world domination hatched by the unhinged Hermann von Klempt. To do this he must battle past the evil madman's many minions in this brawling action game.

Gamers will be able to unleash Hellboy's power in a series of devastating combos and also interact with the environment- smashing walls to split up hordes of enemies or using the rubble in his attacks. The game will also allow for two-player cooperative play; supporting comic characters Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman will appear in the game.

The Hellboy character was created by comic writer Mike Mignola and the game is being developed by Krome Studios.

May 16, 2006