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Halo: Reach Data Pad location guide

Mission: New Alexandria
(Any Difficulty)

Start the mission, jump in the Falcon and rise into the air. See the yellow mission marker ahead of you? Turn away from that, to the right, until you spot a very tall sloped skyscraper in the distance, with three antenna sticking off the top. The seventh data pad is located on the roof of the building behind that one - see our screens or video for a better description. Land on the balcony and find the data pad right next to the door.

Mission: The Package, Rally Point Alpha
(Any Difficulty)

You can’t miss the location of the eighth data pad, though you might miss the data pad itself. When you’re working your way back through the destroyed Sword Base, you’ll access an elevator panel that triggers a cut scene. Before you hit that switch, look directly across from the panel. Yup, it’s the eighth data pad, hidden in plain sight.

Mission: The Pillar of Autumn, Rally Point Alpha
(Any Difficulty)

Load Rally Point Alpha and fight your way across the giant shipping yard (which should be familiar if you played the Boneyard multiplayer map). After two huge areas, you’ll enter a room full of Grunts, with a door on the back wall. Through there, down the hallway and around a corner, you’ll see a couple of glass windows with offices behind them. The ninth data pad is in the second of these offices - melee to break the glass and jump through to grab the data pad.

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