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Haggis to make an enemy of Vaughn?

It’s not even a year since Paul Haggis’ LA race pot-boiler Crash collided with UK cinemas and the former TV scribbler has already knocked out and tarted up somewhere in the region of five movies and a new TV show.

On the helming front, however, the Million Dollar Baby scriber is ready to pick up the megaphone for a tale based on intelligence veteran Richard Clarke’s page-turner Against All Enemies.

Rumours around town are that Haggis has already snagged Sean Penn to fill the role of Clarke and is trying to convince Vince Vaughn to step into the political shoes of former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill.

Clarke’s stark account centres on the White House’s handling of the threat from al-Qaeda before and after the horrific attacks on September 11th.

Haggis is keeping half an eye on Basic and Welcome To The Jungle key-tapper James Vanderbilt, who is currently working on the screenplay.