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Gran Turismo 6 Coffee Break Challenges Guide

National B Series - Coffee Break Challenge #3

Cone Challenge Trial 2

The second (and last) Coffee Break Challenge of the National B Series is the second Cone Challenge of the game. Once again, you need to knock over a targeted number of cones in a short amount of time.

This challenge is wildly different than the first one. You need to get 180 cones within the 30 seconds, but the cones are much more spread out instead of being lined up in nice groups. Chances are it will take several more attempts than the first one to get Gold. Here's the best approach.

While there are a number of ways to attack, the easiest way is to start off moving slightly left to hit a bit of a line of cones there, then adjust right to hit a small cluster of them. Next, e-brake in the middle of that cluster to spin around to the right. You should be able to get at least 20 cones in the first 5 seconds. This will take a try or two to get right, but don't worry about that. Do it a few times to nail it, because it really sets up the next section.

After you've spun to the right as described above, drive quickly in a straight line through a series of cone clusters to the wall. As you approach the wall, be prepared to e-brake to the left as you smash into the last cluster. Overshooting this means you'll need to re-start, so get the timing correct. By the time you are fully turned, you should be at around 58 cones and under 10 seconds. It's not easy!!!

Once you're fully turned, you'll see two more small clusters right in front of you. Drive straight into them, turning to the left as soon as you start to strike the group and fully accelerating. This should take down the majority of the cluster. By now you need to be under 12 seconds and have 78 or more cones knocked down.

Next, you'll see a nifty group of cones off in the distance, against the back wall. Head toward those on a zig-zag path, knocking down a stray cone here or there. When you get near this pack, head for the rear of them near the wall. Hit your e-brake to spin around and attack them from behind, lining yourself up for the finish.

After smashing through this cluster, you should have 119 cones and 8 seconds left to go. That doesn't sound like much, but if you've made it this far then the hardest part is over. You can weave free-style through the remaining cones at will and be able to get the magic number of 180. You can't slow down (and there are a couple of small clusters you'll want to brush against) but you will be in good shape.

This is a tough one! Be prepared for a lot of practice. Gold ain't easy!!!

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