How to find all 11 God of War Jotnar shrines and learn the lore of the giants

You really want to know how to find the God of War Jotnar shrines - there are 11 Jotnar shrines in total and they fill in a huge chunk of  the Norse giants’ history. Which, for reasons, becomes increasing more important as you play God of War. You won't lose out if you don't see them all, just miss out on backstory and details that flesh out the world and why things are the the way they are. Plus you'll get a trophy if you find them all. 

Each Jotnar shrine is a set of wooden panels scattered around God of War's levels. Most of them can be found anytime, although one is only readable as part of the story so you don't want to miss that. At least you only need 10 God of War Jotnar shrines get the trophy. 

Check the video above and all the time-coded entries below to find all the God of War Jotnar shrines easily.


God of War Wildwoods Shrine

VIDEO: 00.41 - 1.33

The Wildwoods Shrine is tucked away inside the fortress in the area just after you solve your first frozen door cog puzzle. On the path outside, instead of going right to continue the story, go left and double back on yourself and climb the chain. Head up the staircase that’s there, smash through a load of stuff (because you can) and the shrine is there at the end.

The Riverpass

God of War River Pass shrine

VIDEO: 1.33 - 1.54

In the enclosed fortress area of the Riverpass with the sealed Nornir chest, and the small two part bridge, if you head over to the left hand side, you’ll find the River Pass shrine right at the end of the path. 


God of War Veithurgard shrine

VIDEO: 1.54 - 2.13

Behind that giant sealed door in Veithurgard there’s also a Jotnar shrine, and it’s left right in plain sight. Just smash your way through the huge door, kill all the beasties that lie in wait and it’s just inside the main room. 

Path to the Mountain

God of War Path to the Mountain shrine

VIDEO: 2.13 - 2.44

En route to the mountain from the Lake of Nine, you’ll have to walk along the bridge and go through those big double doors - although if you’re coming back later it’s actually called the Vanaheim Tower on the map. Just to the left of the interior broken doors is a Jotnar shrine, blocked by some wood that you can easily smash with your axe.


God of War Alfheim shrine

VIDEO: 2.44 - 3.05

As you follow the witch’s request for the Bifrost, you’ll travel to Alfheim, the home of the light elves. That doesn’t stop them harbouring a giant shrine though. Head down the right hand light path in front of the door to the Temple of Light, and you’ll find Sindri’s shop. Just to the right of that, in grey rather than the Midgard’s wood finish, is the Alfheim Jotnar shrine. 

The Mountain

God of War Mountain shrine

VIDEO: 3.05 - 3.54

After beating the giant dragon in the Mountain and getting the electric arrows, you’ll reach a small lift puzzle that involves a bucket of exploding sap. Climb up the fallen block, and follow the path around until you reach an opening blocked by a tonne more red sap.  Grab a little sticky sap grenade from the main area around the corner, and get Atreus to destroy the door. Oh there you are little shrine!  

Lookout Tower

God of War Lookout Tower Shrine

VIDEO: 3.54 - 4.11

This one’s next to the right foot of the gigantic statue of Thor on the Lake of Nine between Lookout Tower and the Muspelheim Realm Tower. Look around and you’ll find a Jotnar Shrine just waiting to be read. 

Tyr’s Temple

God of War Tyr's Temple Shrine

VIDEO: 4.11 - 4.32

Tyr’s Temple teases you with a load of unfinished and unrelated shrines on the way down to the depths, but there’s an actual Jotnar shrine that you can only find during the story. It’s in the maze beneath Tyr’s Temple as you try to break the chains, but right behind the lift you arrive on.

Thamur’s Corpse

God of War Thamur's Corpse shrine

VIDEO: 4.32 - 4.48

There’s an important Jotnar shrine is just inside the door by Thamur’s Corpse to the very north of the Lake of Nine. 


God of War Konunsgard shrine

VIDEO: 4.48 - 5.05

Inside the stronghold at Konunsgard, go up the first set of stairs and then go through the door on the right, and there you’ll find this location’s shrine.


God of War Muspelheim guide

VIDEO: 5.05 - end

Although you might think that Muspelheim is only about the fire and the challenges, it also takes a moment to gift you a Jotnar shrine. In between all the death. From the Realm Tower, run down the main path, through the giant doors and the shrine is right by the shop and the first mystic gateway.