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Get a Kane & Lynch 2 token and play the 360 demo today! (US-only) [UPDATE: We have no more tokens]

How to get your demo token

1. Login to the site. If you’re not already a member,click hereto register. It only takes a minute.
2. Head to ourlanding pageto get your demo token.
3. Make a note of your demo code before closing your browser window. The code will only be displayed once.

How to activate your demo token

Connect to Xbox LIVE and activate your Xbox LIVE membership:
You’ll need an Xbox LIVE Silver membership to download the demo and the single player modes.
You’ll need an Xbox LIVE Gold membership to play the Multiplayer modes.
If you already have an Xbox LIVE membership, skip to Step 4.

1. Connect your Xbox 360® console to a broadband internet connection.
2. Press the Xbox Guide button and in the Xbox Dashboard, select Xbox LIVE.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your Xbox LIVE account.
4. Sign in to Xbox LIVE from the Xbox Dashboard.
5. Press the Xbox Guide button and move to the Marketplace section.
6. Select Redeem Code. When prompted enter your code and enjoy!

What%26rsquo;s in the demo?

- Story mode singleplayer level - Restaurant
- Multiplayer map - Financial District, playable in three different modes:
- Fragile Alliance and Undercover Cop for up to eight players
- Cops and Robbers team-based mode for 12 players

July 1, 2010