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Gamers rock out!

When aspiring musicians and the internetz collide,it often results in some of the most unholy power combos the universe has ever seen. We’d put these mighty Gods of Rockup againstreal-world supergroups like Velvet Revolver and Damn Yankees any day of the week. YouTube aloneis home toa treasure trove of musical gems, and these are some of our very most favoritest. And yes, we're including the hand farter.

These threescamps from Corporeal managed to recreate the epic Halo score in a living room.

The homegrown powerhouse even got to kick offE3 with an elaborate stage show.

You can purchase Corporeal's CD for yourselfright here. Makes a great Mother's Day present!

But if you're not the rockin' type, check out PinoyFiesta's Marimba rendition of the Master tune witha little morecalypso flavor.

Is anybody in the mood for a little mustachioed melody? Click on...