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Gameloft clones extraterrestrial conflict with StarFront: Collision

Gameloft has announced that its latest upcomingiOS game isStarFront: Collision,a space-based RTS which pits space marines against aliens in a war for valuable resources on astrange and hostile planet.

Yup, it's StarCraft for iPads. Enjoy the trailer!

StarFront: Collision will feature a 20-mission single player campaign and a 'build-your-own-battle' Skirmish mode. Players will have control of three different factions, all of which will have unique abilities and upgradable skills. StarFront is also touted to come shipped with 4-player local and online multiplayer modes.

The bizarre thing about Gameloft is that it has the resources and talent to make truly stand-out titles, but it seems content with making pretty looking copies of AAA console games.

What's next, guys? Radiation: Atlantic City? Epic Rodent?

Dec 2, 2010

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