Gameloft planning Uncharted clone for iPhone/iPad

Gameloft is well known for producing high quality mobile games. It's also developing quite a reputation for taking modern console classics and cloning the hell out of them for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

That in mind, its latest project, Shadow Guardian, should be immediately recognizable to most PS3 thrill-seekers:

Never mind that it looks like a decent game, Gameloft's latest looks to be an unabashed copy of developer Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, complete with ledge shimmying, duck and cover shooting and a slightly blockier version of Nathan Drake.

As Slide to Playis keen to point out, Gameloft has 'paid homage' to a host of other popular franchises in the past with such games as Hero of Sparta, based on God of War; Zombie Infection, based on Resident Evil 5; and Gangstar: Miami Vindication, based on Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Oh, and don't forget "Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus," which seems to combine Modern Warfare with Black Ops.

True, it may be a tad unfair to grill Gameloft for its lack of originality when the gaming industry itself is full of clones and lookalikes, but come on guys, unless you're actually doing parodies, maybebe alittle bit more subtle about it next time?

Nov 24, 2010

[Source:Slide to Play]

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