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Fortnite Helicopter locations: Where to find Fortnite Choppas and take to the skies

(Image credit: Epic)

Fortnite helicopters used to provide us with the fastest mode of transport to get from A to B across the island, although the number of Fortnite Choppas, as they're also known, was starting to dwindle in Season 4. This came to a head at the start of Season 5, when the Fortnite patch notes for the 15.00 update revealed that the Fortnite helicopters had been vaulted, so they could no longer be found at the fixed spawn points we had become familiar with. At least there are still Fortnite cars and Fortnite motorboats around to provide alternative transportation, but apart from planes returning for occasional events there is currently no way of taking to the skies in Fortnite. We can only hope that at some point Epic have a change of heart, and we can visit the Fortnite helicopter locations once again.

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Fortnite Helicopter locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

NB This information relates to Season 4 and has now been superseded, as the Fortnite Helicopters were vaulted with the 15.00 update for Season 5.

On the map above we've marked the locations of the five helipads which are currently active, so that's where the Fortnite helicopters will spawn. The one in Doom's Domain forms part of his overall Spy Base, so watch out for Henchmen if you're heading to grab one of the Fortnite Choppas from there, while you're likely to encounter Stark Robots if you go to the helipad at Stark Industries. Should you prefer using map coordinates to track down where you need to go, then these are the Fortnite helicopter locations:

  • B4 - Between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges
  • D3 - Doom's Domain
  • F4 - Stark Industries
  • F7 - Lazy Lake Island
  • G7 - Weather Station

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