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If you queued up for Fortnite's Unvaulting you'll get a free glider, even if you didn't make it in

Fortnite's Unvaulting event was a whirl of activity, as players en masse chose to bring back the Drum Gun then watched as Tilted Towers and Retail Row were burned off the map by a volcanic eruption. Unfortunately, not everybody who queued up for the event got to watch. Reports of players failing to load into a match despite readying up in the Unvaulting playlist were widespread, and Epic has some plans to make up for them missing out on the one-time-only fun. Everybody likes a free glider, right?

At this point Fortnite has done a bunch of one-time events, however, none have had the level of interactivity enabled by the Unvaulting vote. Since everybody will deal with the ramifications of the structure-demolishing Drum Gun being added back to the game, it was a particular shame that many players were unable to participate in the event and cast their metaphorical ballots. It looks like a recount is off the table, but Epic has some other plans for making it up to players.

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The Arcana Glider is no booby prize - it was just added to the item store last week for 1,200 V-Bucks. Its wings are made of cool blue, crystalline shards, tying it to the otherworldly realm that players catch glimpses of in live events like the Unvaulting. It's a nice touch that folks who already bought the glider and queued up for the Unvaulting playlist will get their V-Bucks refunded, giving them a chance to buy another item or store their currency away for the next Fortnite battle pass.

Fortnite season 9 starts later this week, so make sure you get all your season 8 business concluded while you can. For instance, let this video guide show you the way to the treasure map in Junk Junction.

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