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Force Unleashed II: New screens and Collector's Edition details

Another week, another bonanza ofimages and information on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Last Friday, we showed you the sequel'sfirst 10 screens, as well as a rather epic and poster-worthypiece of artwork. Today, we've got four additional shots - full of dual lightsabers, Force pushing and Jedi vsWalker deathmatches - plus extensive details on what will be included in the game's Collector Edition.

First, the new screens:

And, courtesy of our sister siteCVG, we also have complete details on what you'll snag if you choose to purchase the The Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition on October 26:

What do you think? Worth the extra money?

Above: The adorably angry Flash Drive

Above: The exclusive "Deak Starkiller" player skin. Why the weird name and weirder outfit?As always, a wiki hasthe answer

Jun 9, 2010

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