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First in-game Deus Ex: Human Revolution screens?

TheDeus Ex: Human Revolutionreveal trailerwe recently posted was CGI, but this screen, which appeared todayin aEurogamer interview with Lead Designer Jean-François Dugas,isbeing reported on the nets asan in-game shot. Mmm, dystopian!

Above: Click for the full-sized image

Also on Eurogamer, Will Porter posteda preview of the game, which you should definitely check out, especially since it includes lots of pretty, pretty art. Several of the shots in the preview also look like they could be in-game screens, but there's no explanation in the text - we'll let you peek at them yourself.

Porter asserts that Human Revolution is "a true Deus Ex game," and describes one area as "full-on Blade Runner." Our hearts are palpitating!

Jun 10, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer