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Final Fantasy 12 is getting a remake on PS4 next year

In a surprise pre-E3 announcement, Square Enix has revealed a remake of Final Fantasy 12 with the teaser below. The Zodiac Age will arrive next year on PS4 and will be a remaster of the International Edition that never made its way to the West. This means the addition of the Zodiac Job System we never had on PS2 here. The remaster will apparently have improved controls and graphics and you can actually see some in game footage in the teaser as well as the ultra pretty world of Ivalice. 

This shouldn't actually be too much of a jaw dropper. At a concert of live Final Fantasy music last year, conductor Arnie Roth announced that a remake was on the cards. Square later released a statement apologising for the term 'remake', which quashed the rumours, however it wasn't really lying as The Zodiac Age is actually a remaster. Sneaky...  If you think FF12 is the best in the franchise and can't wait until next year, our Dave Roberts agrees. Here's why he thinks it's time for the world to rediscover the magic of Final Fantasy 12

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Louise Blain

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