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Fez Anti-Cube locations guide

17: Infinite Waterfall Anti-Cube

Through the door up above and rotated behind the waterfall, there is a room that is an infinite loop if you continue to go through the warp located inside. Instead, hop up to the top and look at the shape of the structure. You’ll notice that the entire building is made out of tetromino shapes. Enter the code that they make: RIGHT, L, RIGHT, JUMP, R, DOWN, JUMP, UP and an Anti-Cube will appear at the warp gate.

18: Below the Lighthouse Dock Anti-Cube

Below the lighthouse dock, there is a wooden door that can be opened once the water lever is lowered. Enter the door and you will find a tuning fork. Stand on it and your controller will vibrate left and right. The sequence is: L, R, R, L, L, L, R, R, R, R. Once entered, the Anti-Cube will appear.

19: Lighthouse Dock Obelisk Anti-Cube

When you start a New Game +, you will have first person view available to you. Go to the dock at the lighthouse and look down at it. You will see a series of symbols there that read: UP, L, R, UP, L, UP, R, UP. Enter this sequence and the Anti-Cube will appear over top the obelisk with the dot in the centre of it.

20: Temple Obelisk Anti-Cube

Just below the hub to the telescope area, there is an area with a large temple that leads to two rooms with dot stone obelisks in them. Take the first door located at the front of the temple and it will take you to a room with multiple platforms and the obelisk. Use first person to look at the platform that the caterpillar is on and the symbols will spell out: LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP. Enter this and the Anti-Cube will appear at the obelisk.

21: Second Temple Obelisk Anti-Cube

The second Anti-Cube from the temple area south of the telescope is through the door below the temple on the lower platform. Look at the ground around the obelisk and you will see the symbols that form: L, JUMP, R, UP, DOWN, L, R, JUMP. Enter this and the Anti-Cube will appear.

22: Forest Hut Obelisk Anti-Cube

Beside the hut in the forest, you can find another stone obelisk. Look on the platform below and in front of the hut to find the symbols that make the code: RIGHT, R, LEFT, L, LEFT, UP, DOWN, JUMP. When the symbols are entered, the Anti-Cube will appear.

23: Virtua-Boy Sewers Anti-Cube

When taking the warp gate to the sewers, enter the door to the left and it will take you to a section of sewers that is red. Simply follow the path that it leads you on and at the end of it you will get another Anti-Cube.

24: Virtua-Boy Sewers Tuning Fork Anti-Cube

When you enter the red sewer area, there is a door below and around from where you first enter. Head inside there and you will come to a tuning fork like the other rooms had. Simply feel for the left and right vibrations and enter that sequence. It is: L, L, R, L, L, R, R, R to make the Anti-Cube appear.

25: Seizure Room Anti-Cube

Below the Bell Tower there is a room that is full of glitches that I like to call the Seizure Room. Follow the platforms to the top, spinning the room when you have nowhere else to go. Once you reach the top, past the crumbling platforms, the Anti-Cube will be waiting for you there.

26: Clock Tower Red Hand Anti-Cube

When you reach the top of the clock tower, turn the perspective until you can see the red second hand moving around the face of the clock. When the hand reaches 12 o'clock, it will make an Anti-Cube appear on one of the platforms beside the clock. Hop over and grab it before the second hand moves too far past 12.