Fallout: New Vegas Unique Weapons guide

Location: Mojave Wasteland, El Dorado Billboard

Those of you non-laymen to the Fallout games will know that the Mysterious Stranger, the weird guy who assists you when you have the perk named after him, is based off a 1950’s film noir detective. In Fallout 3 the Mysterious Stranger’s Magnum is a unique weapon the player cannot acquire that does ludicrous amounts of damage. While it can be gotten in the PC version via console commands and the like it’s not meant for the player to use due to how much damage it does.

The Mysterious Magnum, which is skinned exactly like the Mysterious Strangers weapon in New Vegas, can be acquired from a man named The Lonesome Drifter. Located at a campsite near the El Dorado Billboard to the southeast of the 188 Trading Post, the Drifter has an interesting story about who his father might be. To get it from him you’re going to have to either shoot him in the face…