Fallout 76 map and rare monsters detailed in official West Virginia state tours

An illustration of Vault Boy saluting before a nuclear mushroom cloud.

West Virginia's businesses have latched onto Fallout 76 in a big way, with many hoping the game's setting will drive people to visit the state itself. West Virginia's tourism office, for example, has partnered with Bethesda to create Fallout 76-themed guides and activities which not only showcase the state's beauty, but also shed new light on the locations and monsters in the game. 

The headliner is an image gallery showing state landmarks as they appear in real life and in the game. The most striking is the Greenbrier Resort, which we recently visited to go hands-on with Fallout 76. The game has a stunning, almost 1:1 recreation of the resort's main hotel which is so detailed that we were able to find the room where our real-world demo was being held. The gallery also features the capitol building, the New River Gorge bridge, West Virginia University, and many others, each with a fun little factoid attached. 

Fallout 76's folklore-inspired monsters have also gotten a share of the limelight, with several beasts of legend appearing in a separate index. The iconic Mothman is exactly what it sounds like: "a large, man-sized creature with wings and red glowing eyes." The Beast of Grafton, meanwhile, is described as a headless, white bear, while accounts of the Flatwoods Monster depict an alien yet humanoid figure with a round, red face. Incidentally, I distinctly remember seeing what looked like a neon alien vacuum during our demo, and that may well have been ol' Flatwoods. Then there's the Mega Sloth, which is actually an ancient, 10-foot tall ground sloth. Its nickname, Jefferson's Megalonyx, comes from US president and apparent archaeology fan Thomas Jefferson. 

From what we've seen, these monsters are as tough to find as they are to kill. They spawn very rarely, and they're boss-grade enemies comparable to the legendary enemies in Fallout 4. Some seem to function as MMO-style public events where a rare monster spawns and all the players on the map flock to it for a piece of the action and, more importantly, the loot. 

The tourism office says more "promotional events, exclusive tours and special Vault Boy sightings will be announced in the coming weeks." In the meantime, you can check out everything we learned about Fallout 76 in the three hours we played it.