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Drunk GTA 5 mods are the best mods

GTA 5 PC mods, so far, have been throwing out as much crazy stuff as useful GTA 5 features. From the weirdness of animal-based shooting sprees, to the pointlessness of homing missile cars. This, however, is a clear winner in the comedy category: the ability to activate ragdoll physics at any point in the game.

I actually had to clean food off my screen after watching this while eating because I laughed so much.

Sure Michael, Trevor and Franklin are in Tyrannicon's video but the star is Sakratt's 'Ragdoll/Limp On Demand 1.1'. It lets you trigger the game's ragdoll physics system at anytime with a tap of 'U', even inside cutscenes. There's enough comedy value from this one features alone that I kinda want to play through the entire game again just to make people collapse at the best possible moments.