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Did you spot the first naked Walker on The Walking Dead? If not, here’s a (better?) look…

The Walking Dead season 8 has already had its fair share of thrills and spills. That’s without mentioning the (naked) elephant in the room. The last episode had a blink-and-you’ll miss it shot of something that’s been teased for some time – a Walker in the buff. If you desperately want to see it then, uhh, here it is in all of its gory glory.

Executive producer and all-round SFX whiz Greg Nicotero unleashed the horrors of the nude Walker on his Instagram feed. While not quite evoking Rule 34, it’s pretty – how should I put this? – SOUL DESTROYING.

Are you ready? This is probably NSFW. Unless you work somewhere really weird.

I… I can’t get over that bitten-off part of his (her?) body. The Walking Dead has occasionally been a show with brains and guts, but never… whatever that is. I guess it’s quite tasteful? I never thought I’d ever say that about a naked zombie, but here we are.

So, where did it turn up? Thankfully, it wasn’t too prominent in the actual episode, lest you didn’t want to get some shuteye anytime soon. It actually comes from where Dwight and Simon torched Negan’s car. One of the shambling undead in the background of the scene turned out to be a naked Walker.

It begs the question: why was it nude? How many Walkers still have their clothes on? And, as the Walkers continue to degrade, will they lose even more of their clothes? I don’t want to know the answers but, y’know, just throwing it out there.

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