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Detroit: Become Human developer partnering with indie studio for a new game

Detroit: Become Human
(Image credit: Quantic Dreams)

Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream is teaming up with a new studio for a new game.

At the Pegases 2021 awards showcase in Paris, France yesterday on March 18, Quantic Dream announced they would be partnering with the Paris-based Parallel Studio. This partnership is designed to create an "ambitious new title," that will focus on "narrative, atmospheric, and poetic cinematography," according to a press release.

From the sounds of the press release, it seems as though Parallel Studio will be developing the new narrative-driven game, while Quantic Dream will be publishing the title. "As part of its agreement with Parallel Studio, Quantic Dream is opening its door to the studio and providing them access to a vast array of creative tools and resources," reads the press release, which goes on to mention motion capture, voice recording, animation, and global PR.

If you're unfamiliar with Parallel Studio, they were founded in 2015 in Paris by veterans from Ubisoft, Dontnod Entertainment, and even Quantic Dream. The independent studio then released survival horror game White Night in 2015, before launching VR horror game Dark Days two years later in 2017. More recently, they released EqqO as a Nintendo Switch exclusive game last year in 2020.

As for publisher Quantic Dream, they're already teasing their next game. Last year, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage revealed that their next game would involve storytelling methods that they "haven't tried out yet," and co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière told me at Gamescom 2019 that their next project would likely be in a a new genre. Quantic Dream might be known for their narrative, choice-based games, but they might be trying something new with their next venture.

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