Quantic Dream's next game will explore storytelling methods "we haven't tried out yet"

Detroit: Become Human
(Image credit: Quantic Dreams)

Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human creator Quantic Dream has a new unannounced game in the works, which it hopes will demonstrate new forms of video game storytelling.

In a new interview with IGN, studio head David Cage discussed Quantic Dream's ambitions for its next game. He affirmed his desire to make games that make the player the hero and allow for "meaningful experiences questioning players' moral values," but stressed that Quantic Dream hasn't settled on a formula for its games. 

"I also believe that there are other ways of telling moving and emotional stories that we haven’t tried out yet, and I am really interested in exploring new directions," Cage said, later adding that he himself is not planning to "milk the cow, and just make more games in the style that we created in the past." 

"Each game has its own language, its own voice, and repeating things that worked in the past is not necessarily a good recipe to move forward," he continues. "You can expect a continuity in our intentions, but we also want to continue experimenting and trying new ideas."

We haven't heard much from Quantic Dream since the surprise re-release of Fahrenheit, also known as Indigo Prophecy, back in fall 2020. With the dust settling on the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, it's safe to assume that the studio's eyeing the next generation of consoles for its next game. Quantic Dream is also expanding its operations as a publisher and opening a new studio in Montreal, per IGN's report, but will continue development as a third-party studio. 

Quantic Dream says that it's new studio won't magically halve its development pipeline, so its next game is likely a couple years out. Here are the new games of 2021 to get excited about right now.

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