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Destiny 2 confirmed for 2017, Activision already promising "follow on content plans"

Activision has confirmed Destiny 2 for 2017, just in case you were worried you might have to wait any longer. 'Fall' is the current date mentioned.

There's no further information currently, only this image from Acti's financial call: 

Obviously the key words there are 'full sequel'. It's interesting that it so clearly talks about 'follow-on content plans' as well. Presumably Activison want to make it clear that Destiny 1's somewhat patchy expansion won't be repeated this time. What that means and what will actually 'set the stage for growth' is likely something we'll hear more about as E3 looms ever closer. 

More talk from the Activision call states it'll be here in Fall, accessible to core and casual, with "relatable characters" and a "great cinematic story."

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On the less definite side of things Destiny 2's gameplay is rumoured to  built around making planets feel more lived in and fully featured with towns, outposts all with missions of their own. The buzzword apparently being "play-in destinations." There's also a slightly less substantiated mention of a bigger Cabal role this time. 

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