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Deadlight Director's Cut Collectibles Guide

Randall Wayne’s plunge into the zombie invasion of Shadows might seem a little confusing, and it doesn’t help that Randall appears to be suffering from some repressed memories. However, with a keen eye, a wide collection of secret items, prolific victim identifications, and lost diary pages, you can help put the pieces back together and solve the mysteries in Deadlight. Many of Seattle’s scattered treasures lie across your immediate path, but some of the best gear – including minigames and stat boosts – are a bit harder to uncover. With our guide, you’ll be able to uncover the best goods and secrets in no time.

Our guide will take you step by step through every collectible item in the game, but there are a few things you can do to naturally aid the scavenging process:

Look for the gears: Every collectible and interactive object in the game is made visible by a set of blue rotating gears when Randall is adjacent to one. If you see the gears, make sure to check things out with the interact button.

Adjust the brightness: Deadlight is a very dark game, and we aren’t just talking about the plot. Adjusting the game’s brightness levels is useful if you’re having trouble separating items from background objects.

Try level select: If you miss an item, or find yourself in a spot where you’re out of ammunition and need it, try restarting a past level from the main menu. You still need to complete the level for your item collection to save, but your ammunition will be replenished.

Table of Contents:

This guide was originally produced by Josh Wittenkeller.

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