Deadlight Director's Cut Collectibles Guide

Act III: The New Law


No secrets – Enjoy the nightmare!


Secret 1 Green Beret’s patch – This one’s easy: Go back to the helicopter and search Ben’s corpse at the very beginning of the level.

Secret 2 ID of A. H. DeSalvo – Another easy find. Keep heading right and you’ll find this ID on a corpse at a slightly lower level in a stream.

Secret 3 ID of Henry L. Lucas – Continue your path to the right until you reach an outdoor water trap area. Jump across the water until you reach a high fence on the right you can’t climb over. At the foot of this fence, you’ll find a new ID.

Note: Make sure you collect the next items before jumping over the fence to the right of the building ahead.

Secret 4 Cutting of Washington Today – Head onwards until you reach a building, then drop down by the low fence on the right. Enter the building to find the fourth secret of this stage.

Secret 5 Photograph of Safety Point – Finally, climb to the top of the building you were in and hop to the left. You’ll hit a ladder that brings you to the top of an outpost. Climb across a high wire until you find a second outpost. Use taunt to call the Shadow inside and force them to fall off the edge. With the coast clear, you can claim the fifth and final secret for this stage inside.

On Air

Handheld Invisible Touch – Rush through the crumbling area as the ceiling falls above you. When you’ve made your way to the series of ladders, drop below and you’ll grab on to a small but bright secret entrance. On the floor of this side area, you’ll find the third and final handheld minigame.

Secret 1 Fragment of medical report – Immediately after another hallucination of your daughter, take a few steps to the right. Here you’ll find a secret medical report.

Secret 2 ID of D. R. Berkowitz – Deal with the Shadows near the truck you climb over, then loot the now safe corpse nearby to find another ID.

Diary Page – This one’s an easy find. After jumping out of the next building, you’ll find it in a pile of boxes along your path.

Secret 3 “The New Law” origin plans – Enter the radio station. You’ll find this secret in the filing cabinet in the middle of the first hallway that you enter.

Secret 4 Safe Point survivors list – After taking the elevator up in order to shut down the radio station, you’ll find this secret in a file cabinet in the middle of the room.


Secret 1Advertising brochure – Investigate the door to your right and the camera will pan back. Use taunt to lure the guard outside to your door, then sprint to knock the door over while immobilizing the guard. Climb up to the right to retrieve your backpack, then climb again to crawl through the ducts above. Go to the left and kick the vent down in order to jump to a bar, followed by another duct to the left of the bar. Here, you’ll find the advertising brochure.

Secret 2 Piece of Stella’s sweater – Climb through the narrow passageway to the right until you can go no farther, then kick out the vent and walk in. To the right you’ll find the showers. Before you enter this area, search the ground for a blue gears icon. When it pops up, interact to retrieve a piece of Stella’s sweater.

Secret 3 Folder of “Arcadian Protocol” – As you enter the generator room with Stella, check the box on the floor to find this secret folder.

Secret 4 – Fight your way through the outdoor area full of Shadows and guards. Once you’ve reached the end, Stella will attempt to raise the red door to the right. Fight off the Shadows with the ammunition you find on the soldier corpse nearby, and crawl under the door once it’s high enough. When you hear Stella yelling, use your axe to break through to the right and deal with the Shadow approaching her. You’ll find the final ID to the right of the lift in this room.

If you’ve been collecting all the items in order, you'll receive the Pickin' Up Strangers Achievement/Trophy here.


Diary Page – The final diary page is one of the easiest to find. You’ll encounter it on the floor as soon as you enter the home at the beginning of the level.

If you’ve been following this guide in order, you will receive the Forget Me Nots Achievement/Trophy for obtaining the final diary entry, as well as the I want it all Achievement/Trophy for obtaining 100% of the game’s hidden items. Congratulations!

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