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Cyberpunk 2077 gang wallpapers give your phone a dystopian makeover

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

You can now show your loyalty to your favorite Cyberpunk 2077 gang with a set of official phone wallpapers, which is much easier than your typical gang initiation.

Developer CD Projekt Red put out a set of nine wallpapers on the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account, one for each of the nine gangs it highlighted at last week's Night City Wire presentation. If you like the look of the wallpapers but would prefer them in a wide-screen format, you can head to the game's official site and download them in a range of resolutions there.

Even if you don't want a bunch of futuristic toughs sneering at you from your phone or computer every time you turn on the screen, it's still worth looking through all the images. They'll give you a good feel for each gang's overall aesthetic and vibes, as well as a teaser for what kind of weapons and cyberware they'll try to kill you with when they inevitably betray you (or vice versa).

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None of the gang leaders we've seen so far - Brigitte for the Voodoo Boys, Sasquatch for the Animals, and so on - show up in the wallpapers. It looks like these are the rank-and-file members you'll encounter out on the street rather than the faces you take jobs from, or target in hits.

In terms of raw aesthetics, it's hard to beat the flaming horse skull of the Aldecaldos, but I do like how the Moxes look like they're ready to start a baseball team - and how two of them have tattoos that say "Fuck to Live, Kill to Fuck". It's good to have a succinct mission statement.

CD Projekt Red also revealed the Cyberpunk 2077 system requirements last week. 

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