Cyberpunk 2077 gangs come with their own turf, beef, and style

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Cyberpunk 2077 has a whole host of gangs running around Night City, and the latest episode of Night City Wire gave us our first in-depth look at their dynamics. Check out the video below, and read on for more details on the gang warfare of Night City.

According to the presentation, you won't be able to join any of the gangs (which is a shame since half my closet looks like I borrowed it from the Moxes), but you will encounter them throughout their specific Night City territories, and you can do some jobs for them. Remember, "NC ain't a city that lets you get by without buddies."

Cyberpunk 2077 quest director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz spoke to The Gamer about interacting with these gangs. "You will sometimes get jobs that were given to a fixer by some gang members. So you kind of do dabble in this dynamic between them, but you won't really push sides - it's more doing gigs that will change some local bands of power, rather than shifting the huge bands of power in the entire city," explains Tomaszkiewicz.

If you start fighting with a gang, you won't necessarily be unable to do work for them in the future, but they may hold a grudge. "Most of our content is custom-made, it's hand tailored, so it really depends on a specific quest and situation," says Tomaszkiewicz. Keep in mind that, much like The Witcher 3, your decisions have short-term and long-term consequences, so choose your friends wisely.

As far as your buddy options go, there are quite a few gangs in Night City: the cyberware-harvesting Scavs, the chrome-sucking Maelstrom, the honor-focused Valentinos, the Second Amendment-obsessed 6th Street Gang, the mysterious Voodoo Boys, the absolute unit Animals, the black-market bargaining Tyger Claws, and the female-focused Moxes. You'll encounter them all as you traverse Night City, so protect your neck.

Each gang has its own clear set of styles, business dealings, and ideologies. Tomaszkiewicz also discusses navigating the gang's divisions, many of which are clearly based on cultural backgrounds. "We’re trying to get as many opinions from different sources, and to incorporate this into our designs and the way we worked on the gangs," he explains.

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