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Comic Heroes magazine issue two available now

The second issue of our sister title is out in stores today, packed with the latest comic news and features plus three great gifts

Get your hands on a snazzy sew on patch for Hellboy’s BPRD (so now you can feel like you really do work with the spawn of Satan), issue one of Sidekick (filled with previews of some of the best new comics around), and an amazing giant double-sided poster with The Flash on one side, and the heroes of Brightest Day on the other.

Issue one of Sidekick contains 35 pages of the latest comics, such as Grandville Mon Amour, Bryan Talbot’s sequel to his 2009 anthropomorphic steampunk adventure, and American Reaper, Pat Mills and Clint Langley’s look at futuristic identity theft.

Inside the mag itself we’ve got the latest news on the Fathom and The Boys movies, along with interviews with Stan Lee, Mike Mignola, Charlie Adlard, and Alan Moore.

Alan Moore reveals his thoughts on the “creatively bankrupt” modern comic industry, and gives us an insight on new and old projects that he’s worked on and much, much, more. So much more that ten pages are devoted to him. Phew!

Lew Stringer takes a look at the rise and fall of the British humour comics, giving us an in depth look at the creation of such classics as The Beano and The Dandy, along with the originals Illustrated Chips and The Rainbow.

There's also an in depth feature on the history of Captain America, one of the most iconic Marvel heroes around, telling us about his creation, his demise, and his re-emergence. Topped off with the Top Ten essential Captain America comics - and the best (and worst) on screen appearances of the Captain himself.

Other highlights of this issue are the retrospectives on Nemesis the Warlock, New X-Men, and The Green Lantern/Green Arrow, a feature on the best and worst licensed comics, a beginner’s guide to Manga, the dos and don’ts of the comic industry, and the reviews of the latest films and comics.

You'll find it in shops now, or order an issue online here . Let us know what you think ! Remember, there's also an official Facebook group if you want to chat with other readers.