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Comic-Con 2010: Green Hornet sequence revealed

Green Hornet


Comic-Con 2010: Seth Rogen has unveiled an almost complete sequence from his upcoming superhero flick Green Hornet.

Promising that the 3D utilised for his movie is there for a reason, the actor revealed a five minute action scene in which his rich billionaire Britt Reid is saved by sidekick Kato from a gang of knife-wielding meanies.

Frankly, it kicked ass. Michel Gondry’s presence behind the camera is fiercely evident, as clever visual tricks – a reality-stretching moment when a car Kato is leaping over refracts into duplicated mirror images – collide with super-slick action ballistics.

Clever camerawork also gives the fight added zing, as POV shots of Kato registering weapons flashes them up in red, while slo-mo adds an extra kick. It feels fresh and energetic.

The 3D has never looked crisper or cleaner, either, and feels perfectly at home in this sort of high octane trip. Needless to say the footage was met with thunderous applause. After that initial lacklustre first trailer, there could yet be hope for Hornet.

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