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Comic-Con 2010: First look at Battle: Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles


Comic-Con 2010: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and director Jonathaon Liebesman have unveiled the first extended trailer for their new alien war flick Battle: Los Angeles .

During a panel discussion at today’s Comic-Con, the cast and crew debuted the film’s bullet-riddled teaser trailer, which could easily have been re-named War Of The Worlds, Literally .

Shot in a gritty, hand-held fashion, it follows a marine platoon who see Los Angeles turned into a war zone when alien entities invade. The film’s premise takes a real event from February 1942, when strange airborne crafts were reported above the City of Angeles, and fictionalises it as a present day invasion occurs.

Mean and moody, the trailer packed a fair punch, even if its Iraq-infused imagery hit a little too close to home. The Xbox inspiration was also heavily evident, as POV tracking shots were in abundance.

Too soon to tell if this will be too morose for its own good (though with Rodriguez involved we expect a far bit of snark), or if it will follow District 9 ’s ‘political aliens’ angle to success. Still, the grubby footage held promise - we're hoping for Escape From New York meets Predator .

Battle: Los Angeles is due out next year.

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