CGI Dinos for Doctor Who?

SFX has learnt that 1974 Jon Pertwee Doctor Who story "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" is being prepped for DVD release. And better yet, our sources reveal that the FX are going to get a CGI update.

This six-part story, from Pertwee’s final season, originally used optically-enlarged hand-puppets to create its giant lizards (apart from a full sized, rather still-looking Pterodactyl, that is) but the results were variable (to be kind).

The first episode of "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" is also currently only available in black and white, the original colour print having been mistakenly junked by the BBC in the mid ’70s. Whether this episode will be digitally re-colourised has not yet been confirmed, though it seems likely.

UPDATE! Steve Roberts of the Doctor Who Restoration Team has posted on Outpost Gallifrey stating that the report above is "rubbish... 'Dinos' isn’t even on our radar."

So, to clarify:

Our source spoke to someone involved in the original production of "Invasion" (the sort of someone who would be asked to do an interview for a documentary on the DVD) who made the CGI claim. They then contacted the 2Entertain and BBC Worldwide, and rather than receiving a flat denial like the one above, were simply told (“in guarded and well constructed terms”) they could be given no confirmation.

Maybe "Dinos" was on the radar and dropped off. Maybe it's just a very long way off. Maybe it's just at very early discussion stages. Maybe our original source was just joshing with us. Time will tell.