Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Soldiers' Diaries locations guide

City of the Damned

As soon as you enter the area for the first time, go to the left and behind the centaur statue will be the soldier.

When you offer your blood to open the second door to the left of the dungeon key slot, the door will open to reveal a room with a pit of flames. Look to the right to see the body sitting there.

Once you cross the pipes and talk to the shaky woman, drop down the pit and fight the few enemies there. Once done, climb up the other side and the soldier will be right in front of you.

After you defeat the Harpies for the first time, climb on top of the small building and the body will be on the roof.

Once you drop the large circular staircase during the Three Gorgon’s Chapter, head down it and this body will be at the bottom.

After have defeated the Medusa and visited the Chupracabra’s shop, this body will be on the right side, near the wolf symbol on the ground.

This body can be found to the left of the Chupracabra’s shop and the gated platform that leads to the Toy Maker, on a platform of in the distance. To reach it, you will need the Demonic Wings to double jump across the gap.

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