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"By far the greatest Marvel movie yet" - You’re not ready for these (spoiler-free) Avengers: Infinity War reactions

First up, there’s no Avengers: Infinity War spoilers here. I would never do that to you. There is, however, various amounts of unbridled hype coursing through the veins of the lucky, lucky people who got to see a snippet of the third Avengers movie over the weekend. Was it good? Bad? Mind-meltingly magnificent? Read on to find out…

Let’s give you some (very, very vague) facts about the footage that fans have witnessed during a special fan event in London. It’s 30-minutes long, involves Iron Man, Spidey, Doctor Strange, Thor, and the Guardians – and takes place in two different locations. Marvel hitmen, stand down. I haven’t spoiled anything!

There you have it. If you were worried about 1) The MCU humour falling by the wayside and 2) The movie feeling like several separate films that don’t quite work together then you can rest easy. Just going by the people who attended, it has jokes in spades and you can clearly tell they’re bursting out the seams wanting to divulge any and everything that was so brilliant about the clip, but, y’know, #ThanosDemandsYourSilence.

Personally, having seen it myself (I’m not bragging, I promise) I have to wholeheartedly agree with what everyone’s been saying. It’s good. It’s very, very good. When it steps it up a gear, it’s easily up there with the best the MCU has to offer – and that’s only coming from watching a short segment from the first act. There’s plenty more to come, I’m sure of it… 

We’re heading into the final stretch: are you ready? If you’ve been following along with our MCU recap, you sure are. If not - what are you waiting for?!

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