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Busy Linney

Either Laura Linney has discovered some fiendish cloning technology, or she’s planning to be a very busy woman. The actress, currently riding high with Satan-expelling chiller The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, signed on to two films that will shoot at the same time: the Barry Levinson comedy Man Of The Year and suspense thriller Breach, alongside Ryan Phillippe.

Man Of The Year features Robin Williams as a late-night comedy talk show host (think The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart) who runs for President as a joke. By peculiar circumstances, he ends up winning the election and getting sworn into the Oval Office. Linney will play the head of a computer company investigating how it happened.

She’ll be putting on her serious-actress face for Breach, a based-on-reality tale of FBI traitor Robert Hanssen, who snitched to the Soviets during the Cold War. Linney will be in an investigative mood again, playing the Bureau chief spearheading the enquiry and supervising Ryan Phillippe’s younger agent.