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Blood-trocuting RPG, Divinity: Original Sin is coming to consoles

CRPGs are the new hotness, just like the old hotness. Your '90s top-down, ultra-intricate role-playing experiences are being resurrected in droves and, if our PC playing cousins are to be believed, they're some of the best games of the last few years. Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin have garnered swathes of praise - and now the next step seems to be doing the same on console.

Wasteland 2 is already on its way, and Larian Studios has just confirmed that Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One at the end of the year (and will be a free update for existing PC players). Here's a video explaining just that:

It truly is enhanced, too - the expected update for controllers comes alongside full voiceovers, upgraded visuals, a tweaked camera, a tweaked campaign, a reworked ending and brand new locations and quests. Most exciting of all, there's support for split-screen and online co-op coming, too.

Let's not forget that Divinity is a game where hitting pools of blood with a lightning spell will electrocute anyone standing on top of them - if you play with me, expect to see me trying to get stabbed uncomfortably close to what could be called "arterial spurt range".