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BLOG Me and 2000 AD

Are you familiar with Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and chums? Blogger Stacey Whittle discusses how she only recently came to experience British comics stalwart 2000 AD:

Me and 2000 AD

It’s not just Dredd, though; it’s Dirty Frank, Dante, and in the Meg, Tank Girl and Dan Abnett and Colin MacNeil's strip Insurrection which is outstanding and a million other characters and stories and rich new worlds. I have a crush on Johnny Alpha (that mutie boy is well pretty).

This is a personal article by Stacey Whittle, one of our new bloggers - read more about our volunteer contributors on this dedicated page .

SFX was just talking to Tharg the other day about how cool Al Ewing's story "Cockroaches" was recently. Find out more about the comic over at the official 2000 AD website .

Are you a 2000 AD fan? Been reading Dredd long and want to give Stacey some more tips? Your thoughts welcome as always, in the comment thread below or on our forum .