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Black Friday SSD deals 2021 - get lightning-fast loading times for less

Black Friday SSD deals
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Black Friday SSD deals are some of the best opportunities to expand your PC, laptop, or console's storage for less. Indeed, for those hoping to get their hands on the best SSD for gaming or the best PS5 SSD, then you should be able to shred a substantial amount of money off of what can be a fairly pricey storage solution.

Of course, it pays off immensely to know what kind of SSD that you're hoping to find cheaper on Black Friday. As there are so many different storage solutions available right now, it can be a challenge to differentiate between them for some. That's why we've made a quick and easy guide to know the most important facts:

  • SATA SSD: This style of solid-state drive uses the same 2.5-inch form-factor as any standard HDD, meaning they normally fit in any pre-existing drive bays that your PC case may have. The trade-off, however, is that, while cheaper, they're not as quick as some of the newer types on the market. 
  • External SSD: As the name may imply, instead of being slotted inside your machine, they are connected externally via USB 3.0 or USB-C depending on the read and write speeds and storage capacity of the units (these days, USB-C is more commonplace).
  • PCIe/NVME/M.2: This is the newest form of SSD storage that's used on everything from game consoles to gaming desktops. It's famed not only for its faster-than-ever speeds but also for its ultra-small form-factor and ease of use, normally just needing to be screwed into place (usually with a heatsink). What's more, while very expensive at times, they tend to have longer lifespans and a lower risk of mechanical fault. 

Black Friday SSD deals - what to expect

Black Friday SSD deals

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When will the Black Friday SSD deals start?

Black Friday will be taking place this year on November 26. However, tech deals have tended to begin as early as the Monday or Tuesday of the week before. They have also stretched out to Cyber Monday as well, so we could potentially be in for a whole week's worth of SSD deals in 2021.

Where will the best Black Friday SSD deals be?

Taking into account the trends of previous years, the vast majority of SSD deals tend to be offered up by three of the biggest online tech retailers, most notably that Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg for the sheer stock and variety available on the latest models. Here's a look at what's currently on offer from some of the major players to give you a rough idea of what could be on sale on the day. 


Amazon: Regular discounts on the biggest internal and external SSD brands
Best Buy: Deep savings on PCIe and external SSD models
Newegg: A wealth of SSDs in all styles for consistently low prices
Walmart: Heavy savings on SATA and external SSDs
B&H Photo: Consistently low prices and offers on SSDs of all styles


Amazon: Some of the best prices and regular discounts on all SSD types
Currys: A wide selection with some great deals on PCIe and SATA drives
eBuyer: Small, but consistent, deals on external and PCIe models
Laptops Direct: Few deals available but a wide selection on all styles

Black Friday SSD deals

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Generally, at least from what we've seen occur in recent years, the Black Friday SSD deals tend to scale with the price point of the memory type. For instance, a 3rd or 4th generation PCIe/M.2 internal SSD, which normally is more expensive than SATA drives or external models, will see deeper discounts than their slower/older counterparts. 

Looking back at the Black Friday SSD deals of previous years can offer a good indication of how much you can expect to save this time around. Turning our focus to Amazon, one of our favorite SSD models, the WD Black AN1500, is currently at its cheapest ever price. It normally retails for $300, but it's now been knocked down to $245. It's highly probable that Black Friday will yield an even deeper discount on expansion card-style models such as this. 

When it comes to NVMe internal SSDs, things get more exciting on Black Friday. Indeed, the WD BLACK 1TB SN750, which normally carries a retail price of $250, was knocked all the way down to $115.99 over the sales weekend in 2020. It should be noted, while this particular model is seen on sale from time to time, it's never been quite that cheap at any other point in the year.

Today's best deals

Black Friday SSD deals

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If you're after an SSD sooner rather than later, our price comparison technology works around the clock to bring you the absolute best deals this side of Black Friday on some of our favorite models. 

Todays best SSD deals 

WD Black AN1500: We touched upon this model briefly above, but as our number one SSD for gaming, we think it's worth reiterating that, if you can get any money off this fantastic expansion card, then it's definitely worth buying to power up your PC. 

WD Black SN850: As far as the gaming potential on an NVMe SSD is concerned, the SN850 is hard to beat given its price and the performance that it offers in all of its capacity models. 

Silicon Power US70: We recently play-tested this particular Gen.4 M.2 SSD and came away very impressed by its read and write speeds as well as how fast games could be loaded up and launched through it. It's well worth looking into if you can find it for a decent price. 

You can read more about it in our Silicon Power US70 review.

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