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The best Nintendo Switch cases in 2020

best case for Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Orzly)

It may not be the most thrilling subject, but the best case for Nintendo Switch one of the most important accessories you can get for the console. No, really. It'll keep your system safe on the go, avoiding any disasters while you're out and about. 

Some even have space for bonus controllers, games, and chargers as well; the best case for Nintendo Switch will allow you to store your games and fiddly Nintendo Switch SD cards as well. Drop a Micro SD once and you might find it. Drop it again and it’s gone forever. And with capacities up to 256GB available, that’s a lot of data to mislay on the carpet. 

The question is, what's the best Nintendo Switch case for you? You're not short of options; there are traditional carry-cases, lightweight pouches, rubber shells, branded merchandise, and beyond. And that's to say nothing of the Switch Lite equivalents (speaking of which, be sure to check what kind of Switch you're buying for - your case may not fit otherwise). To help you out, we've got some recommendations below.

Additionally, our price-matching software has also gathered up the best prices to go with those questions. Be sure to have a look if you're in search of a bargain!

Best case for Nintendo Switch

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(Image credit: Orzly)
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(Image credit: Orzly)

1. Orzly Nintendo Switch carry case

The best case for Nintendo Switch

Features: Hard EVA shell, space for cables, games, and Joy-Cons

Room for accessories
Hard EVA shell
Needs more padding

Orzly has given their case the kitchen-sink approach, and we love it; it'll fit your console along with extra Joy-Cons, cables, games, SD cards, and more. That makes it perfect for everything from the commute to vacations. Happily, the Orzly case can also fit a Switch with a Mumba protective shell (see below). That means you're covered even when the console is in use.

Another cool Orzly feature would be the neat internal flap that covers the screen in transit. This makes sure that nothing scratches the screen, which is definitely half the battle when it comes to portable consoles like this.

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2. Official Nintendo Switch accessory kit

The best cheap Nintendo Switch case

Features: Holds up to five games and two Joy Con straps as well as the console, can be used as a stand

Room for storing games
Can be used as a stand

Unsurprisingly, the official Nintendo Switch case is pretty good. It's not necessarily the most hardcore or roomy piece of kit out there, but it'll do the job admirably. It's also very well made, as you'd expect from something with Nintendo's name on it.

As a bonus, this case comes with a screen protector and space to carry two Joy-Cons and five games alongside the console. The only real downside is a lack of color-schemes or alternate designs.

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(Image credit: Mumba)
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(Image credit: Mumba)

3. Mumba

Best Nintendo Switch protective shell

Features: Hard shell, can be used while playing

Can be used while playing
Cool design
Won't protect the screen

This tough shell gives your Switch console some much-needed protection while in use; it'll help the system withstand many a knock and bump. It's also very grippy, meaning it won't fly out of your hands during play (just remember, it must be taken off to dock your Switch).

Coming in a variety of colors, this is a handsome and practical alternative. Not that you should forgo those. Because the Mumba lacks a screen-protector, it's worth picking up a carry case like the Orzly model above as well. That way you're prepared for any eventuality.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite case

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(Image credit: Orzly)
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(Image credit: Orzly)

Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite carry case

The best Nintendo Switch Lite case

Features: Hard EVA shell, space for cables, games, and smaller accessories

Space for small accessories
Tough EVA shell
Could do with more padding

The Switch Lite's main selling-point is its portability, so it's a good idea to grab something that'll keep it safe while you're out and about. Fortunately, Orzly have created a Lite-specific version of their already-excellent Switch carry case. 

Sure, you won't get extra Joy Cons in there. But you will keep your console and some choice accessories secure no matter where you go.

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