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Best HDMI cables for gaming in 2019

best HDMI cables for gaming
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Some folks will insist that the best HDMI cable for gaming is expensive, fitted with the finest gold plating, and filled with enough features to make it one step away from getting up and doing your housework. Don't buy into the hype, though - it's one of those rare instances where you don't necessarily get what you pay for. Truth be told, there's no need for anything fancy if you're looking to get an amazing picture on the best gaming TVs. Cheaper cables will serve most of us just fine, particularly if we can get them for less via the upcoming Black Friday TV deals.

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However, that doesn't mean there aren't a few key pointers to bear in mind when hunting down the best HDMI cable for gaming. To begin with, keep an eye on 'bandwidth'. This decides how much data your cable can manage - the higher the number, the better the picture. For instance, a rating of 1.4 is A-OK for standard 1080p HD. Meanwhile, a 2.0 rating is necessary if you want 4K Ultra-HD. As for the small handful of people with 8K, go for 2.1 instead.

It's worth watching out for transfer speeds, too. 18GB per second is a bare minimum, and you don't want to go below that. Anything above this number will do very nicely, though, and HDMI cables with high transfer speeds aren't pricey. Indeed, even an Amazon Basics cable will serve you well enough.

Oh, and one more thing: remember to measure the space you'll need your cable to cover. You don't want to shell out your hard-earned cash and realise the wire won't stretch from your console or PC to the screen.

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Best HDMI cables for gaming

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(Image credit: Amazon)
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(Image credit: Amazon)

1. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI

The best HDMI cable for gaming, balancing price and performance

Transfer speed: 18Gbps | Length: from 1.8m - 10.6m | Certification: CL3-certified

Low price
Lots of length options
Not HDMI Premium certified

Amazon has its own range of low-price tech accessories, including a smart-priced HDMI. You’re looking at $6 / £6 for a 1.8m version. Beat that, un-named high street retailer. It’s a low-frills black plastic affair, but does have gold-plated terminals to avoid looking like it came bundled free with something. This one isn’t certified to the HDMI Premium standard, but it has the part we’re after anyway: 18Gbps bandwidth. 

The AmazonBasics HDMI comes in lengths up to 10.6m, and the design appears to scale up a little as you get to the higher lengths too. For example, that longest version is CL3-certified. This is a spec for custom installers, and means the cable is designed to handle higher voltages. 

This cable does everything you need it to - delivering 4K connections between your gaming set-up and your display, for a ridiculously low price and in a range of sizes.

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(Image credit: Belkin)

2. Belkin HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed

Best HDM cable for future-proofing

Transfer speed: 48Gbps | Length: 2m | Certification: HDMI 2.1

Very high spec
Good brand for reliability
Decent price for a high-end cable
Only available in 2m (at present)

Are you one of those insufferable people who always has to have the latest iPhone, the latest watch and every new game on the day of release? You also need Belkin’s new Ultra High speed HDMI. 

This is one of the first cables to be primed for HDMI 2.1, a spec designed to wave in 10K-resolution video. Just don’t mention that to the Xbox One X, let’s give it at least five minutes of 4K glory. 

The cable can handle up to 48Gbps video bandwidth, which today’s consoles can’t even get close to. It also proves why Belkin is such royalty among tech accessory makers. Despite being better-specced than some cables costing £2000, this one costs just £29.99 for 2m. 

It also has conveniently small connectors and, to be frank, we just trust Belkin a lot more than most no-name accessory makers. 

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3. Onyx HDMI

Best HDMI cable for durability

Transfer speed: 18Gbps | Length: 2m/3m | Certification: HDMI Premium Standard

Sturdy design
HDMI Premium certified
Not the cheapest

If you want a cable that should take a bit more abuse than the one you might find in Poundland, take a look at the Onyx 4K HDMI cable.

It has thicker-than average cabling, with an extra mesh sheath on top to act as armour against chair legs or the teeth of bored pets. The connectors also have metal outers, making them more rigid than most. 

We don’t usually advise people get too worked up about gold plating but, sure enough, there’s “24ct” gold bling on the terminals too. 

And, the bit that really matters, the Onyx 4K is certified to the latest HDMI Premium standard. You’ll find cheaper options that work just as well, but this is a good pick for those who demand the finer things in life. 

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(Image credit: Omars)

4. OMARS Premium HDMI

A great all-rounder

Transfer speed: 21Gbps | Length: 2m/3m | Certification: HDMI Premium Standard

HDMI Premium certified
Low bulk design
Limited long-length options

The OMARS Premium HDMI has just about everything we look for in a cable, particularly after spending a packet on new hardware. First, it’s fairly cheap. At under $10 / £10 for a 1.5m cable, and a little more for a 2m or 3m cable, it won’t eat into your games budget too much. These cables are also certified to the HDMI Premium standard. At present this is the main seal of quality to look for. OMARS also claims bandwidth of 27Gbps on the shorter cables, higher than the 18Gbps gold standard. 

The design is about as plain as HDMI cables come, but the connectors aren’t too bulky. This is important if you wedge your consoles up near the wall to save space. You’ll usually find the OMARS cable sold in lengths up to 3m, which should do the trick for most setups. 

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(Image credit: Rhinocables)
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(Image credit: Rhinocables)

5. Rhinocables Flat HDMI

Best HDMI cable for awkward setups

Transfer speed: 27Gbps | Length: 2m | Certification: N/A

Flat cabling
Decent build
Performance not certified

If you want to run your HDMI under a rug, perhaps to reach a projector without tearing up your walls’ plasterwork, a flat cable is the best option. Just a few millimetres thick, it’s a lot less obtrusive than the average round type. 

The cable itself is also nylon braided for added toughness. 

There’s no mention of the HDMI Premium standard, but Rhinocables claims bandwidth of at least 27Gbps, which is well in excess of what we need for 4K and HDR. We don’t really care too much about how our HDMI connectors look as, with any luck, they’re out of sight 24/7. However, the Rhinocables HDMIs are chromed if you must have a bit of glamour to everything you own. 

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(Image credit: Slim HDMI)

6. SlimHDMI

Best HDMI cable for saving space

Transfer speed: 4K compatible | Length: 3m | Certification: N/A

Super-slim terminals
Low price
May not be the most durable option

In the saturated world of HDMI cables, it’s good to have something to help you stand out. SlimHDMI’s name gives its game away. This is one of the lowest-profile HDMI cables around. 

It’s not the cable itself that is ultra-slim, which would have a knock-on effect on performance, but the terminals. This is handy if there’s not much free space behind your game console or TV. 

There are no grand claims about its performance, but it is ready for 4K. Given an ultra cut-down design probably won’t do any favours for durability, this is a cable for a specific situation. At the same time, it may be exactly what you need if normal designs are just that bit too chunky. 

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