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Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals 2021: what to expect this November

Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals
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Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals will certainly favor those who already have a console this year. While we may see more Xbox Series X restocks over Black Friday itself, we're not expecting any consoles on the shelves come the Monday afterwards. However, if you're after some new gear and you miss out on the events of the weekend before, there's sure to be something on offer for you. 

We expect to see some of the best Xbox Series X accessories on sale this year, and even those still running the Xbox One will be able to use them. While most offers will simply be an extension of previous Black Friday Xbox Series X deals, we do sometimes see additional discounts and extra products added to the shelves. Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals can offer up brand new record low prices on colorways or models that retailers were expecting to sell better over the weekend, for example. 

We're rounding up all our predictions for this year's discounts, including the products we think will see the biggest savings and the retailers who will be offering them right here. 

Where will the best Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals be?

Stay tuned, because we'll be bringing you all the best Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals right here. However, if you're going it alone we'd recommend checking out the retailers listed below for first dibs on some of the best sales of the year.

regular discounts on big brands and budget accessories
Best Buy:
frequent Game Pass bundles with headsets and controllers
save on Xbox One and Xbox Series X digital downloads
regular accessory and game sales and All Access options
best for renewed or budget items
low prices on accessories, games, and services

often price matches other shops on games and accessories
accessory bundles regularly available
low prices on digital Xbox One and Series X games
Game Pass often included in stock drop bundles
often holds sitewide discounts during larger sales
larger console bundles often stay in stock longer

When will Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals start?

Cyber Monday will take place on Monday, November 29. However, in past years we've seen retailers like Walmart and Best Buy simply bleeding their holiday sales into one another. Last year, that meant simply switching the branding of each sale on their sites, with Cyber Monday kicking off between midday on Sunday and midnight moving into Monday. 

We're expecting a similar process in 2021, which means we'd keep an eye out for any new Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals from the afternoon of Sunday, November 28 onwards. 

Will the Xbox Series X be in stock for Cyber Monday?

The Xbox Series X likely won't be in stock over Cyber Monday. Whereas we're looking forward to some drops over the Black Friday weekend, and most likely on the day itself, we can see retailers running out of units by the time Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals roll around. 

That means we'd recommend you get in there much earlier if you're looking to secure a console in November, and note that there will also be more stock drops over the next few weeks as well. That said, the frequency of Xbox Series X restocks as we get closer to the main event might diminish as retailers hoard the units they do have in preparation. 

Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals: what to expect in 2021

We've already got it out the way, but it's worth repeating again. We're not expecting any more Xbox Series X stock drops over Cyber Monday this year - that's a job for Black Friday. However, we are looking forward to some returning record low prices on Xbox Core controllers and some heavier discounts on games and headsets as well. 

Of course, we're also looking forward to the usual Xbox Game Pass deals and Xbox Live Gold sales and expecting more discounts on the best Xbox Series X external hard drives as well. These storage solutions are likely to explode in popularity come November, with Sony opening up the SSD bay on the PS5 and Seagate launching its range of storage expansion cards over the last few months. That means Cyber Monday external hard drive deals are definitely going to be well worth a look. Xbox might be better positioned here as well, seeing as Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals are going to be particularly competitive.

Of course, you could always splash out on Cyber Monday Xbox Series X TV deals, or go a little smaller with a Cyber Monday gaming monitor deal. However, the most popular offers this year are going to be on cheaper accessories in general. 

Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals: what to expect from headsets

These are all products released to coincide with the Xbox Series X itself, and so were still a little too fresh for discounts last year. However, now that some of the console's best gaming headsets, like the Razer Kaira Pro and Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2, have spent a year on the shelves, we're likely to see those price tags wobble a little more. 

For example, the Kaira Pro didn't drop a single cent last year, but has already dropped $40 off that $149.99 MSRP in previous sales over 2021. Whether or not this year's Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals can bring that price down any further remains to be seen, but we're already off to a great start in the lead up. 

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2, however, has seen very few discounts in its lifetime overall. Last year's Black Friday Xbox deals did shave $20 off the $149 MSRP, but we're yet to see a similar discount in 2021. Nevertheless, this headset is primed to return to this record low price this November, and potentially improve upon it by around $10. 

We're also expecting more official accessories to drop their prices in 2021 as well. The Xbox Wireless headset wasn't around last year, but will have had eight months on the market by the time November rolls around. Discounts haven't been too forthcoming just yet, but a blockbuster saving in time for the biggest shopping weekend of the year is very much on the cards. 

Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals: what to expect from controllers

Similarly, we expect to see last year's $20 / £10 discount on the Xbox Core controller to return for the whole weekend once more. This deal hasn't exactly been matched in 2021, with Microsoft only dropping around $15 from the price of its next-gen controller in this year's sales. However, it's fair to assume we'll be seeing a slightly larger discount in November.

Razer's collection of controllers could also be seeing some excellent Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals this year as well. Last year's sales period came a little too early for the then-recently released Wolverine V2, but we've already witnessed the $99 controller dropping down to a record low $76.50 price in 2021. Considering it will be a year since release in November, then, we're expecting big things this year. 

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is also geared up for some excellent savings this year. Previously sticking close to that $179.99 MSRP, we saw very few discounts on this gamepad over the last couple of years. However, over the summer in 2021, we saw that price trickle down to $157.99 pretty quickly - and stay there. 

That means we may well see extra discounts on this premium controller in this year's Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals, especially if that $157 price sticks around into November. 

Xbox Series X accessory deals available now

If you don't want to wait for November's Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals, it's worth noting that accessories like headsets and controllers hit the sales all the time. While that means you might not necessarily be getting the best price of the year, there are still plenty of fantastic offers floating around all the time. You'll find all the lowest prices on some of the best Xbox Series X accessories around just below.

Check for Xbox Series X stock

While it's likely that Xbox Series X stock will be reserved for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend leading up to the event, we are still expecting a few more drops before November rolls around. We wouldn't recommend waiting for the holiday sales season - after all, nothing is guaranteed in the world of next-gen consoles - so you can check out all the latest stock updates just below.

Last year's best Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals

Want more offers on Xbox tech? Don't forget to check in with our guides to the best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals. If you'd rather have something more gift-friendly, on the other hand, be sure to visit our Cyber Monday Lego deals and Cyber Monday board game deals. Of course, we'll also be rounding up all the best Cyber Monday gaming deals in November as well.

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