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Where to pre-order Battlefield 5 cheapest, and get the Special Editions

War is hell, unless you’re a gamer, in which case it can be confusing. There are a staggering number of limited editions of Battlefield 5 available to pre-order, and it’s tough to know what you actually get in them. Plus, it’s tough to know where you can actually get the normal version of Battlefield 5 cheapest. Sure, those who pre-ordered Battlefield V have likely already been knee-deep in mud and debris with the beta, which DICE and EA offered as incentive to get in early, but there are plenty of fans yet to commit. Our own Connor Sheridan reported on the beta and what was featured, but many missed out.

This really is a new beginning for the franchise, however, and Battlefield V features so much more than the standard campaign and multiplayer, with the Tides of War mode offering persistent change, and the now mandatory Battle Royale mode catering to lone-wolf players. So, if you’re looking for a good deal in order to jump into combat with your mates, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best prices on just the game itself.

Battlefield V Special Editions and consoles

Console bundles

Here’s one of the best ways to play Battlefield V; on a brand new Xbox One X (or S) which comes bundled with the deluxe version of the game, but also takes advantage of the Xbox backwards compatibility and includes the multiplayer only Battlefield 1943. The console and controller aren’t overly styled for the game - though do feature a gold to grey colouring - but it’s an ideal way to start out your campaign.

Buy the Xbox One S in the US – $299.99 from Amazon
Buy the Xbox One X in the US -
$499.99 from Best Buy

Buy the Xbox One S in the UK - £249.99 from Amazon
Buy the Xbox One X in the UK -
£449.99 from Amazon

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe version of Battlefield V comes with a whole heap of extra features to expand your experience, including; Early Access to Battlefield™ V Base Game, Five Sets of Paratrooper Outfits, Special Assignments, 20 Weekly Items with Airlift and one Additional Special Soldier Set.

Buy it US – $79.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK – £79.99 from GAME

Battlefield V Steelbook Edition

Oddly the steelbook edition of Battlefield V is only available from Amazon, but also is just the base game with Amazon bundling in a separate steelbook case. The case is available on its own, but when bought with the game, they’ll be shipped together. It’s a bizarre practice, but if you love collecting steelbooks, it’s the only way to buy it.

Buy it US – $14.99 (CASE ONLY) from Amazon
Buy it UK – £56.99 Bundle from Amazon

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