Battlefield 5 early access kicks off soon, here are all the ways you can play

How can you play Battlefield 5 early? Let us count the ways. The new World War 2 shooter from EA and DICE will officially come out on November 20, but you could start playing the full game up to 11 days ahead of that depending on what kind of system and subscriptions you have. To help you cut through all the talk of Access this and Deluxe that, I've arranged all of the ways you can start playing Battlefield 5 early by date and platform. Let's take a look.

November 9: Full game playable on Origin Access Premier (PC)

The earliest way to play Battlefield 5 without any restrictions is via Origin Access Premier, EA's PC-only subscription service, starting on November 9. You also get access to everything included in the Deluxe Edition. Premier service is a step up from Origin Access Basic, letting members play EA games early and keep on playing after full release without needing to make an additional purchase (insert Netflix comparisons here). It costs extra too, of course - read on for how to play Battlefield 5 early if you prefer Origin Access Basic.

November 9: 10-hour trial on EA Access/Origin Access Basic (PC, Xbox One)

If you're an EA Access subscriber on Xbox One or an Origin Access Basic subscriber on PC, you can start your Play First Trial of Battlefield 5 on November 9. This trial is time-limited to 10 hours and gives you access to most of the game: all the multiplayer modes as well as the Prologue and Under No Flag chapters of the single-player War Stories campaign. You'll still need to purchase Battlefield 5 separately to keep playing after your trial expires, though you won't lose any of your progress.

November 15: Full game playable for Deluxe Edition pre-orders (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition has a bunch of extra goodies for the game like exclusive outfits, additional assignments, and - if you pre-order it - early access to the full game (check out our Battlefield 5 pre-order guide for more specifics). Just like the Origin Access Premier trial, there are no limits on this one, though you do have to wait an extra six days to jump in. This is the earliest way for PS4 players to get in on Battlefield 5 as EA Access isn't available on PlayStation.

November 20: Full game playable for all (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

This isn't really playing Battlefield 5 early but I would be remiss not to include an entry for the game's official release date. Though it does feel pretty weird to call it a "release date" when plenty of folks will have been playing the full game for close to two weeks at that point.

Get a feel for the fields early and take a look at Battlefield 5's multiplayer maps.

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