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Assassin's Creed 3 Homestead missions guide - how to completely upgrade your Davenport Homestead

Sequence 9

The Proper Tools
Reward: Big Dave can craft higher quality materials
Location: Homestead

Now that you have Big Dave in your Homestead, he will need his tools to do his work. He asks that you go to New York to retrieve them for him-which can be bought at the General Store. Make your way to New York and enter the General Store and under the “Citizen Mission Items” you’ll find the two parts of the hammer than need to be purchased. Buy both for $50 and then return to Big Dave at the Homestead. As you leave the shop, you will over hear some guards talking and it seems that it’s not going to be over for Big Dave just yet.

Cutting Ties
Reward: Shirt and Pouch Upgrades
Location: New York

For this Homestead mission, you will need to go to New York to discover it. When you arrive in the city, go to the mission marker and you will find a woman who tells you that her mother is in need of some assistance. Follow her and you will come to a man who is abusing a woman on the sidewalk. Take him out with just your hands and he will leave. Once he is gone, have a talk will Ellen and she will decide to come to the Homestead to live.

Silk Errand
Reward: Ellen can craft Higher Quality Goods
Location: Homestead

For this mission, talk to Ellen at her new home in the Homestead and she will ask that you go to New York to pick up some bolts of Silk that she left behind. It’s a rather quick mission that simply requires you to return to New York and examine the clues in front of her place. Once you do, the silk bolt will appear on the other side of the fence allowing you to pick it up. Once you have it, return to Ellen to complete the mission.

Finding His Flock
Location: Homestead

For the next mission, make your way to the inn at the Homestead and you will find a minister there named Timothy and the villagers will rally for him to stay in the Homestead. For Father Timothy to stay in the Homestead, you’ll need to raise $1000 for him to help build a church. If you already have the funds, just talk to him in the corner of the inn and complete the mission.

Pig Herder
Reward: Wheat and other Grains
location: Homestead

Make your way over to the farm of Warren and Prudence and she will ask you for some help wrangling up the pigs into their pen. It seems to be a very hit or miss mini-game where you need to try and herd the pigs into the pen, but the pigs really don’t seem to care what you r are doing whatsoever. The easiest and less frustrating way is to wait for the pigs to wander near the open gate to the pen and then walk up behind the so that they go in. If you try to chase them all over the yard to herd them, it just seems futile. Once all three pigs are in the pen, the mission will end and Prudence will thank you.

Tools of the Trade
Reward: Lance can craft higher quality goods
Location: Homestead

Now that Lance is ready to get crafting his wooden wares, he’ll ask you to return to Boston with him to get his tools from his shop. When you arrive in Boston, you’ll find that his tools along with his shop are now sold. Now you’ll need to find Lance’s old apprentice Patrick and follow him to find out where the tools are stashed. Once you have followed him far enough, Patrick will stash the tools in a crate and run away. Simply walk over to them to retrieve them and to complete the mission.

Get me a Doctor
Reward: Lyle can now craft higher quality medicines and poisons
Location: Homestead

Finally Prudence is having her baby and when you arrive at the mission marker, you will have 3 minutes to get Doctor White, Warren, and get back to prudence. AS soon as the timer starts, hop on the nearby horse and ride to the objective marker as quick as you can. Once you have the Doctor in tow, ride to the next marker for Warren and then make your way back to Prudence. As Long as none of the AI got hung up on something along the way, you should have made it back with plenty of time to spare.

Fool me Once…
Reward: Wolf Furs
Location: Homestead

For this mission, talk to Norris and he will have the knife created for Myriam. He will ask you to come along to give it to her, but when you reach her, she will need help hunting wolves as she is behind. Run off and kill a wolf or two and then climb to hunting station above the trees to spot where Myriam is. It turns out there is a soldier lurking in the woods and has started to attack her. Hop down to confront him and he will start to run off. Pull out your pistol to stop him quickly and Myriam will thank you and tell you how the knife from Norris saved her.

The Final Straw
Reward: Ellen can now craft higher quality goods
Location: Homestead

When you reach this mission marker in the Homestead, Godfrey will tell you that the villagers are gathering to help Ellen as her husband has returned and it trying to break in to her house. Follow the group to Ellen’s place and you will see Quince at the door along with a group of others. To complete the mission quickly, you can simply ignore the rest of the enemies and go straight for Quince at the door and then the enemies who appear at each window on the sides.

The Wedding
Location: Homestead

Seems the big day for Norris and Myriam has arrived and to get things started, you’ll need to talk to Father Timothy as he tells you of all the preparations that will be needed. Thankfully you don’t have to do any of it and all you need to do for now is go to the manor and talk to Norris who will inform you that Myriam has gone missing. Head upstairs and look at the clues in the room to see what happened to Myriam and then run outside and continue to follow her. Make your way to the green circle on the map and then climb the ladder to the hunting station where Myriam is hiding out. A short scene will play and then you will be in control again at the reception. Talk to the three conversations that are available and the mission will end with a present for all of the villagers.

Manor Mysteries
Location: Homestead Manor

For the second Manor Mysteries mission, Achilles will ask you to go to New York to retrieve a parcel for him from the burnt out part of the city. Travel to New York and follow the waypoint marker to the building where the parcel is housed. Climb to the second floor and it will be located in a secret compartment in the wall. Grab it and then return to Achilles to finish the mission.

Reward: Lyle can now craft higher quality potions and poisons
Location: Homestead

For this mission, speak to Lyle at his home and he will ask that travel to Boston to stop the slander of his name. When you arrive in Boston, speak to man at the mission marker and he will tell you that the newspaper boys are selling the pamphlets that are defaming him. You will then need to use eagle vision to spot 4 newspaper boy and then bribe them to stop selling the papers. Once you have bribed all 4, you will then need to use your eagle vision to spot the Overseer. Once you spot him, you can then pick his pocket or beat him up. Once you do, the mission will end without having to return to the doctor.

An Eye For Trouble
Reward: Big Dave can now craft higher quality goods and materials
Location: Homestead

It seems that the British are still looking for Big Dave and Oliver found a soldier skulking around the inn. When you arrive at the mission marker, a second British soldier will run and you will need to chase him down. The soldier will quickly hop on a horse to ride away, but you can fire a shot at him to bring him down before he goes anywhere. Once he is dead, go back to the first scout and a scene will play showing that the scout got away. This will end the mission, but they’ll be back for Dave.

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