Assassin's Creed III homestead missions guide

Throughout the Assassin's Creed III campaign, there will be times that Homestead Missions become available throughout the world. These are indicated by an icon of a little house and will lead you on missions that help you recruit artisans and craftspeople to your land. While not all missions give rewards, as some are just to help explain more of the backstory of the Assassin’s and Achilles, most will allow you to create better items and earn more recipes. Some of the missions are incredibly quick and don’t require much to complete, but they can be just as interesting as the rest of the mission found throughout the game. Once you start getting Homestead Missions, complete them until no more are available. Once you finish another sequence of story missions, more will become available and usually lead from one into another. Here we have the full break down of all 37 Homestead missions that you’ll be able to complete to build your Homestead and to acquire a new uniform in the end.

Table of Contents

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