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Army of Two's company

Next-gen shooter Army of Two's innovative gameplay demands you work in tandem with a fellow mercenary during your bullet-torn adventures, and we've uncovered a dossier of shots that shed light on how this buddy operation will work.

As one of a two-strong force of mercenaries - hence the title - you'll be parachuting into danger in Army of Two's Middle-Eastern battlefields for some breathless dual-pronged offensive action. Teamwork is vital here, with the screen splitting in two to give you both views on an assault. If your friend, goes down you'll have to get busy with the CPR before hauling him to the next health pack.

The game's voice-activated buddy order system promises some tactical thinking will be required (in addition to a love of filling terrorists with hot metal), and the whole package is looking eye-wateringly exciting. Check out our preview for more info on how the game will work.

August 17, 2006